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Julian Price Memorial Park

Julian Price Memorial Park is a beautiful park located between Milepost 295.5 and 298 on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. It has picnic areas, rest rooms, camping grounds, nature walks, hiking trails and so on. It is 4000 acres in area and is really beautiful and calm.  The 47 acre Price Lake is located opposite to Julian Price Picnic Area. There are many things to do including hiking, fishing, canoeing, and camping.

  1. When traveling towards South on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Julian Price Park Picnic Area comes on the right side after Milepost 296.5. The picnic area is beautiful and has plenty of parking. There are over 100 picnic tables located between streams and creeks. It has restroom facilities.
  2. At Milepost 296.7 (Boone Fork Overlook), there is a boat rental station from where you can rent canoes.
  3. Julian Price Park Campground is located at MP 297.1 and is really good.
  4. Price Lake Overlook is located on the left side after Milepost 297.

The park has 7 trails. The trails in the park vary in length but all take you through the forests, by the streams and into the meadows of this fertile land.These are some of the popular trails :-

  1. There is a 2.5 mile loop trail which goes around Price Lake and offers good views of the lake.
  2. The Boone Fork Loop Trail begins at the Picnic Area. It is a 5 miles loop and is moderate in difficulty.
  3. The Tanawha Trail runs between MP 305.5 (1.5 miles south of Linn Cove Viaduct) and 297.1 (Julian Price Memorial Park campground). It is 13.5 miles one-way and considered challenging.
  4. The Green Knob Trail is 2.3 miles round trip and is moderate in difficulty. It intersects the park at the picnic area.

Here are some photos of Julian Price Park Picnic Area and Price Lake.

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