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Fort Sumter Cruise

On our visit to Patriot’s Point Naval and Maritime Museum, Charleston, South Carolina, we happened to visit Fort Sumter. The cruise to Fort Sumter originated from Patriot’s Point. Fort Sumter National Park is located on an island in Charleston harbor and is only accessible by boat. The Civil War between the north and the south erupted at Fort Sumter on April 12th, 1861.

  1. The primary departure site is from the Fort Sumter Visitor Education Center located in downtown Charleston.
  2. The secondary departure site is located at Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant.

The cruise from Mount Pleasant to Fort Sumter is a relaxing 30 minute cruise through Charleston’s historic harbor. The 2 hours and 15 minute tour is fully narrated and explains many points of interest and historic significance. You will learn about the major events which led to the outbreak of America’s most bloody civil war. At Fort Sumter National Park, there is a museum with fascinating exhibits and a small gift shop where you get to spend 1 hour. After one hour at the Fort, you will cruise back to port, enjoying panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and Charleston’s bustling harbor.

The Tour Rate is $16 for adults.

Visit the website of Fort Sumter Tours for more details.

Here is the gallery view of photos.

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