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Coki Beach, US Virgin Islands

The beaches of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands are popular for Snorkeling, Wind Surfing, Swimming and so on. The most popular beach for snorkeling is Coki Beach (Coki Point Beach) located on East End of St. Thomas. Coki Beach is a small beach at Coki Point famous for its clear blue waters and soft white sand. The crystal clear water is usually calm and so you get to watch the underwater world really close when you go snorkeling or scuba diving. The water is shallow near the beach and then deepens gradually. You can also go parasailing here. The underwater visibility is really great. The rocky reef area near the shore is a good place for snorkeling. Kids and adults can learn snorkeling in these clear, shallow waters.

The beach gets crowded when cruise ships are in town. Coki Beach is located right next to Coral World Marine Park. The beach has changing rooms and rest rooms. Street Vendors and Stalls are located right on the beach and you can get food, snacks, massages, hair braiding and what not. The locals will often try to sell you anything from rental chairs to drinks. There is a dive shop on Coki Beach. Grab a few fish bones and you are all set for snorkeling. Do not forget your underwater camera.

We enjoyed Coki Beach so much. It was the best snorkeling experience we had. We got to see so many fish really close. Some people complain about the locals but we had a good experience.

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