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Swimming Areas Near Charlotte

I had been searching for lakes and beaches near Charlotte where swimming was permitted. There are many swimming pools in Charlotte but the nearest lake I could find was Lake Norman. All beaches are atleast 4 hours drive from Charlotte.

1. Lake Norman State Park

This state park has a swimming area which is open from April 1st till Oct 31st. It is an artificial sand beach. There are changing rooms, rest rooms, warm showers and lockers. The park charges a fee when life guards are present. It is generally crowded in summers.

Here are some photos of Lake Norman Swimming Area.

2. Hanging Rock State Park

This park is in Danbury and is 2 hours drive from Charlotte. The good thing is that the swimming area is really nice and big. There are lot of things to do other than swimming – like waterfalls, trekking , rock climbing and so on. They have life guards during summer. There are changing rooms, showers and a concession stand.

Swimming Area at Hanging Rock State Park

Swimming Area at Hanging Rock State Park

You can view more photos of Hanging Rock State Park here.

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